Why Solar?
Solar clean energy is to convert the light energy of the sun into other forms of heat energy electric energy chemical energy energy conversion process does not produce other harmful gases or solid waste is a new type of environmental protection safety pollution-free energy.​
Divine Solar Power is a local wholesaler of solar panels inverters solar accessories in Tasmania. We offer range of products to customers and STC trading for all the installers.
Our accredited CEC installers has been work in Solar industry more than 8 years. Extensive installation experience will help them cope with all kinds of roofs. ​
Happy Customers Service
All of our customer are enjoy with our perfect after-sales service. we will keep in touch with our customer try to solve their problem as soon as possible.


Offset the cost of the stock you need today against the STC for the Job. It's easy and you don't need an account with Divine Solar Power.
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